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Why use CorpSec Services for new company registrations?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Knowledge, expertise and experience!  At CorpSec Services we will guide you through the company registration requirements and process so you can make informed decisions and get it right the first time.

In our many years of registering companies, we’ve seen the mistakes made at registration stage and have spent many hours helping clients rectify these.

Navigating the registration process can be complicated and time consuming. At CorpSec Services we specialise in setting up companies of any type, including corporate trustees, subsidiaries, foreign-owned, special purpose, public or start-up companies.

You could engage a law firm or accounting practice and pay high-end fees for your new company, (which many people do, as an add-on service). Alternatively, you could use a low-cost, do-it-yourself, online registration provider, where the full responsibility of getting it right falls solely on you. Many don’t get it right and correcting mistakes can be costly and tedious.

For example, to change or correct a company name, a special resolution is required and if you don't get it right, it's an expensive error to make.  $408 for just the prescribed ASIC fee. That’s on top of the initial ASIC registration fee.

In addition, corrections to officeholder’s personal details are tedious and often require supporting ID documents which need to be mailed to ASIC for manual processing.

Changes to a company's constitution is time-consuming and may require legal advice.

Finally, changing the type of company because it was incorrectly registered in the first place, can be a 'world of pain'.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective and responsive we are.  We can register a company within 1 hour of receiving your instructions.  Needless to say, we will review your application for accuracy and completeness. Once you receive our confirmation of registration, along with the ACN & Certificate of Registration, you’re 'good to go'.

Our service includes digital corporate registers, minutes of the first meeting, share certificates, constitution, consents etc.  We also offer hard copy registers, so you can keep all your original signed legal documents in one folder.

Once your company is registered, we can also take the hassle out of ongoing company compliance by acting as your ASIC agent. To appoint CorpSec Services as your ASIC registered agent refer here, or contact us at for further information.

To register a new company refer to our online Company Registrations Order Form.


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