Lodge Change of Company Name.

Lodgement Fee:  $593, excl GST.

Our fee includes payment of the ASIC application fee of $443.

Service includes:

  • Check availability of new name;

  • Appointment of CorpSec Services as ASIC Agent (to enable lodgement);

  • Directors' Minutes;

  • Members' Minutes;

  • Consent to short notice of Special Resolution;

  • Lodgement of ASIC Form 205;

  • Confirmation of approval by ASIC;

  • ASIC issued Certificate of Registration on Change of Name;

  • Updated ASIC company extract.


In accordance with the Corporations Act 2001, a company name change must be lodged with ASIC within 14 days after passing the Special Resolution to approve the name change.  If lodged after 14 days, ASIC late fees apply as follows:

  • $87 for up to one month late;

  • $362 for over one month late;

  • additional $362 for each year late.