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Non-Standard Board & Member Resolutions 

CorpSec Services is backed by an experienced company secretary who has many years of experience in drafting technically accurate minutes.  Whether the minutes are of a board meeting, committee meeting, for a transaction or statutory change, you can rely on us to produce a high quality minutes.

We can draft once-off non-standard board or member minutes or written resolutions.

Our service can include the attendance of physical meetings to facilitate the execution of documentation or attend virtual meetings to minute directors' decisions. 

Our services include board and member minutes for approval of: 

  • change of company name;

  • adoption of new constitution; 

  • change of company type;

  • change to sole person company;

  • audited or unaudited financial statements; 

  • declaration of dividends;

  • reinstatement of deregistered company;

  • corporate restructures;

  • rectification work; or

  • ratification of past decisions or actions. 

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