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About Us

Your trusted team of governance and company compliance experts

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We are a Team of governance and company compliance experts who specialise in all things ASIC and company management.  We ensure our clients remain compliant with the Corporations Act 2001 and our directors understand their responsibilities.  We know all the tips and tricks to get things done with ASIC.  

Our Mission is to support companies from all industries by providing expert, prompt and affordable corporate secretarial and compliance solutions in compliance with the Corporations Act 2001 to enable businesses to focus on what they do best.

Our Vision is to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing guidance, advice and solutions for their corporate governance or compliance requirements.

The essence of CorpSec Services is our clients.  We are passionate about establishing and developing close relationships with our clients; built on trust, integrity, communication and transparency. 

We offer digital solutions to streamline historically cumbersome record keeping and compliance tasks.

Meet Our Team

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Viola Pythas

Founder & Managing Director

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Viola is a Company Secretary and corporate governance professional with over 25 years’ experience...

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Aishwarya Singh

Corporate Compliance Manager

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Aishwarya (Aish) has 6 years’ experience providing corporate secretarial and ASIC-related compliance services... 

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Emma Volpe

Corporate Compliance Manager

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Emma has over 20 years’ experience providing corporate secretarial and ASIC-related compliance services...

Our Clients

Our clients come from all industry sectors and engage us directly for once-off services or ongoing company compliance.  Our clients are also accounting firms who prefer to focus on their core services and outsource their clients’ corporate secretarial services to subject matter experts.  We are engaged by firms who do not have the internal resources to manage their clients' secretarial work or to undertake more complex secretarial work. ​We specialise in proprietary or unlisted public companies. 

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