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Foreign Company Registrations in Australia 

Foreign company registrations with ASIC (ARBN)

The process for registering a foreign company with ASIC is cumbersome and time consuming.  A thorough understanding of ASIC's requirements is required in order to  submit a successful application to register with ASIC and obtain an Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN).  

New foreign company registrations

CorpSec Services provides: ​

  • Guidance on the requirements for registering foreign companies to carry on business in Australia;

  • Guidance and management of the ASIC registration process;

  • Co-ordination of the certified (and translated) documents required from the originating country; 

  • Preparation of forms and related documents for lodgement with ASIC;

  • Introductory service to professionals who offer Public Officer services, if required;

  • Registered Office address services; 

  • Co-ordinates ATO registrations;

  • Liaising and handling of all queries from ASIC on behalf of the client.

Director ID Requirements 

The director ID requirements also apply to directors of foreign companies registered in Australia. Foreign directors will need to apply for their director ID number via a PDF fillable form mailed to the ABRS locked bag along with directors certified identification documents.  Refer to the ABRS website for further information on the specific certification and translation requirements. ​All directors will need to provide their director IDs before we can proceed with the appointments or a foreign company registration.   

Ongoing ASIC compliance

  • Provision of ongoing local agent services;

  • Lodgement of financial statements/annual return with ASIC; 

  • Provision of registered office address services and mail onforwarding; 

  • Preparation and lodgement of changes to the foreign company's details with ASIC. 

Contact us to discuss how we can assist with the registration process and with the ongoing compliance requirements. 

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