Members' Voluntary Deregistration.

Lodgement Fee:  $300, excl GST.

Our fee includes payment of the ASIC application fee of $42.

Service includes:

  • Checklist to prepare company for deregistration (provided separately);

  • Appointment of CorpSec Services as ASIC Agent (to enable lodgement);

  • Directors' Minutes;

  • Members' Minutes (at short notice) / Letter of Consent;

  • Consent to short notice of Special Resolution;

  • Lodgement of ASIC Form 6010;

  • Confirmation of approval by ASIC;

  • Notification of company struck off Register (after 2 month notice period);

  • Updated ASIC company extract.


To facilitate the MVD process, we recommend that CorpSec Services is appointed ASIC agent of the company until the company is struck off.

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