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Statutory Company Secretary Services 

We provide company secretary services to support Boards, Chairs and CEOs maintain high standards of corporate governance.  For companies with minimal governance structures in place, we can assist to establish a robust governance framework tailored to the company’s needs. 

Our service includes co-ordination and management of Board, Committee and Shareholder meetings. 

For example:

  • Board and Committee Charters clearly defined purposes, responsibilities and decision-making powers;

  • Co-ordinate and distribute agenda and meaningful papers;

  • Attend meetings, whether physically present or virtual meeting;

  • Draft detailed minutes and resolutions to evidence discussions and decisions;

  • Provide appropriate governance advice, as required;

  • Finalise minutes with Chairperson;

  • Prepare Matters Arising report; 

  • Oversee completion of actions arising from meetings;

  • Lodge ASIC forms, if applicable;

  • Maintain corporate registers and minute books.

We are able to provide outsourced company secretary services by acting as  the appointed Company Secretary for your company either on a temporary basis or on an ongoing basis or provide support to the existing Company Secretary.

You can minimise the costs associated with staff recruitment, retention and ongoing training required to undertake this specialist role, by engaging our company secretary services.  We can tailor our engagement to suit your needs.


CorpSec Services is backed by a qualified Company Secretary with more than 20 years’ experience in named company secretary roles and who is also a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia.

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