Members’ Voluntary Deregistration (MVD). 

  • We provide guidance on the criteria for voluntary deregistration of dormant companies

  • Our thorough MVD checklist ensures the company is ready to be struck off the ASIC register.  We understand the importance of this in mitigating a situation whereby a company may need to be reinstated at a later date;

  • Our service includes management of the MVD process and drafting of all relevant documentation, including members’ consents and ASIC lodgement.

  • We are also able to:

    • complete capital reductions to meet the $1,000 asset threshold; and

    • for corporate trustees, wind up trusts in accordance with the trust deed.

  • To avoid paying your next ASIC annual review fee, contact us well in advance of your review period.  Your application for deregistration must be approved by ASIC at least one week before your annual review fee is due for payment.

  • Refer to our Members' Voluntary Deregistration blog and order form for further information.