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CorpSec Services can convert your hard copy or lost registers into cloud-based digital registers.

Updated: May 11, 2020

Do you still maintain your corporate registers in hard copy?

Do you manually update registers in Microsoft Word or Excel each time there is a company change?

CorpSec Services can convert your hard copy registers into secure, cloud-based, digital corporate records. You'll never have to manually update a company register again. We use leading company compliance software, which generates electronic ASIC forms, produces supporting corporate governance documents and updates the registers all at the same time. Whether it's officeholder changes, address changes, share allotments or any type of share transaction.

We can reconstruct your historical registers from date of incorporation to current day or simply download current company records directly from ASIC. The option is yours.

We can also reconstruct lost corporate registers.

The time and cost involved to reconstruct a company's entire corporate registers is on a case by case basis governed by the age of the company and number of changes since incorporation.

CorpSec Services provides ASIC Registered Agent services, which includes the ongoing maintenance of your digital corporate registers and facilitates effortless online lodgement of ASIC forms.

Refer here to appoint CorpSec Services as your ASIC agent or contact us at to obtain a quote to reconstruct your hard copy or lost registers.


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