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ASIC Registered  Agent​

As an ASIC Registered Agent we provide corporate secretarial services that are accurate, flexible, affordable and responsive to meet important compliance deadlines.  We specialise in all types

of ASIC lodgements, new company registrations, corporate governance documentation to

support company changes and much more. 


Accounting firms considering outsourcing their clients' corporate secretarial services can contact us directly for our outsourcing proposal and concessional pricing model. 

Corporate Secretarial Services​

CorpSec Services provides diverse corporate secretarial services to assist companies of all sizes and from various industry sectors meet their company compliance and ASIC lodgement obligations.  In addition to providing ASIC registered agent services and company registration services, we also offer Company Secretary services to support boards maintain high standards of corporate governance.





Solutions for difficult problems

Company compliance can be challenging and time consuming.  At CorpSec Services

our aim is to take the hassle out of complex and onerous compliance processes, by providing stress-free solutions. 


Automation improves efficiency, but does not replace the power of people, relationships and personal experience.  We are always happy to discuss your corporate secretarial requirements.  Every company registration, ASIC lodgement or request is carefully reviewed by our experienced governance professionals.  If you would like to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us.

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Company Secretary Services​

CorpSec Services can also provide Company Secretary services, oversee your Board and Committee meeting preparation and ease your ongoing compliance burden allowing you

to focus on running your business.

Why CorpSec Services is right for you

In today’s compliance focused environment, company directors and secretaries are under increased pressure to ensure corporate compliance and implement robust governance frameworks.  We understand that it can be complex, overwhelming and expensive and offer you affordable and reliable solutions. 

The consequences of non-compliance can lead to severe fines, penalties and director prosecutions.

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